Science et technologie

From the start of their elementary school experience, our kindergarten and cycle 1 students are exposed to scientific inquiry through hands on learning. Cycle 2 and 3 students have the opportunity to explore science and technology in French. It is based on 3 scientific concepts: Living Things, Earth and Space and the Material World.

Science classes equip students with the knowledge they need, in order to inquire about the world that surrounds them. Technology is incorporated throughout our curriculum.

Our Science & Technology teacher offers a Robotics Program. Two sessions run weekly after school, where children from grades 4, 5 & 6 work in teams with the Lego NXT kits. This year two teams will participate in the RoboCup Junior Competition at the end of the second session.

Scientific Concepts / Essential Knowledge
Material World
Earth and Space
Living Things
  • Properties, characteristics and changes of matter in different states
  • Forms, transmission and transformation of energy
  • Gravity, electrostatic and magnetic attraction
  • Simple machines, electrical systems and transportation of energy
  • Use of simple measuring instruments and machines
  • Properties, characteristics, organization and transformation of matter on Earth
  • Sources, transmission and transformation of consumable energy
  • Forces and motion that affect Earth
  • Planet Earth, the solar system, stars and galaxies
  • Meteorological systems, atmospheric and geological technologies
  • Use of measurement and observational instruments and how they are made
  • Characteristics, organization and transformations of plants, animals and humans
  • Sources and transformation of energy in living things
  • Types of motion in animals and plants
  • Interaction between living organisms, humans and their environments
  • Environmental technologies
  • Use of measurement and observational instruments
  • Design and manufacturing of closed environments