Since 2000, Le Doral has been providing hot, healthy, and delicious meals for children in primary schools and daycares on a daily basis both on and off the island of Montreal. In essence, Le Doral offers a service to the parents yet the product is consumed by their children.

We can proudly confirm that the key element of our success is our Morning Prepared Guarantee program developed by our chefs and employees. This program assures parents that all meals are prepared, cooked, and plated on the same day!

Throughout the long years of service, our philosophy and business model have matured to instill confidence and peace of mind by means of total transparency. This openness was achieved by continuing successful long-term relationships with customers and working intimately with our schools.

Together with our engineering team, we’ve created the most advanced and personalized program to date, allowing the schools to not only manage their orders and accounts but easily and efficiently distribute the meals once they’re delivered.

Le Doral has developed a reputation for excellence through its personalized approach, attention to detail, and efficient distribution process, all without ever compromising the quality and integrity of the freshest product the industry has to offer!

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